Heat resistant paint 520ml 600C Silver

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Heat resistant paint 600C; 520ml; Heat-resistant paint for heaters, fireplaces, chimneys, barbecue paint.  Temperature resistance up to 600 ° C.

Corrosion preventive heat resistant paint is used for protective painting of steam lines with over-heated steam, metal equipment and other surfaces which are exposed to temperature effect (from -60°С to +600°С) while in operation (heat resistance varies depending on the enamel color).
Corrosion preventive paint is highly resistant to the impact of aggressive substances such as oil products, salt solutions, mineral oils and sneak currents. Enamel is widely used as heat resistant paint for stoves and funnels, fireplace, chimneys and grills.
Due to its corrosion preventive properties, heat resistant enamel (paint) is used for painting of metal equipment which is operated in areas with sharp temperature variations or excessive humidity levels.
Heat resistant paint may be applied for painting of brick surfaces, concrete surfaces, asbestos surfaces and reinforced-concrete surfaces. The paint not only brings a stunning appearance to surfaces but provides them with unique protective properties which protect the surface against the impact of high temperatures, atmosphere precipitations providing high levels of vapor permeability.
Heat resistant paint may be applied inside electrostatic fields and under conditions of negative temperatures.

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