Sauna stove KAMENKA + NORA

1,150.00 1,034.00

Dimensions of the stove:
Height 1200mm
Length 600mm
Width 460mm
Tunnel Kindle:
Distance between the oven and the door 250mm
Chimney connection 150 mm
Oven weight 290kg
Optional equipment available:
Decorative net for stones
Water heating: a possibility provided

The main advantage of cast iron bath boilers is that their thick walls (10-15mm) accumulate heat and it is felt for a long time after the furnace goes out. The difference from steel stoves is that the smoke is not directly discharged into the chimney, but because of its unique design, it is directed to the secondary combustion chamber. As a result, efficiency is 75-80%. The sauna boiler is made of heat-resistant gray cast iron. The thickness of the walls reaches 10-15mm, which guarantees the reliability and durability of soft heat radiation. The advantage of cast iron furnace over steel is that it can withstand large temperature differences and does not deform. The linear and volumetric expansion coefficient of steel is 70% higher than that of cast iron i.e. at high temperatures, steel furnaces are significantly more deformed. This factor manifests itself over time, steel furnaces crumple, cracks on individual elements in the fireboxes, the seam is missing and it burns quickly. With a cast iron stove, there is no such thing and it is guaranteed to serve you for many years to come. Another interesting and significant thing is that the body of this sauna stove is cylindrical. This shape is best able to withstand the uneven thermal loads that occur when starting a cold furnace. In a cylindrical furnace, heat is distributed uniformly throughout the housing and distributed uniformly.

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